Liliana Zuccardi

Liliana Zuccardi is a Colombian artist specializing in Abstract art through painting, mixed media and sculpture. Born in Bogota and raised in Barranquilla, Liliana showed an early interest in the arts, leading her to complete her Bachelor of Textile Design in the Autonomous University of the Caribbean.

She has also expanded her art practice through further studies of the human body, charcoal medium, printmaking as well as she received mentorship from multiple artistic tutors and one of the most recognized art critics and historians in Colombia, Master Francisco Gil Tovar.

Liliana has been involved in independent and group exhibitions around the world since 2012. Her paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in numerous galleries, museums and government consulates globally, including Paris, Italy, Miami, Bogota, Barranquilla, Cartagena and São Paulo.

Liliana’s work is deeply influenced by her time living in Ecuador, USA, Colombia and Brazil where she was exposed to different cultures, experiences and forms of expression. This can be observed through the different mediums, colors and shapes used in the different collections.
When she started pursuing art full time, Liliana was diagnosed with Pseudoxanthoma elasticum, (PXE), an inherited disorder which impacts the skin, eyes, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal system. In Liliana’s case, Angioid streaks were found in her retina, which compromised her central vision in both eyes. Her vision has decreased through the years since the initial diagnosis. This continues to play a key influence in her artistic expansion as she has needed to adapt the visual limitation.
Liliana currently lives and works from her studio in South Florida, where she continues to create new works and collections. Her art can be found in both private collections and public institutions worldwide.